Linear: An Indoor-Outdoor Furniture Family

Linear is a minimalist, aesthetically designed and sturdy furniture family suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is versatile and is designed with meticulous attention to details. The family is made of powder coated stainless steel tubes and machined metal plates arranged in a linear pattern.

I wanted a family of furniture which was ergonomic, easy to use and which would have a strong key element. With Linear I could achieve the basic fundamentals. The furniture surfaces create clean shadows both independently and together. It is designed to accentuate the material simplicity and the sharp silhouettes. The various humble forms of the family are coupled with the thin profiles that create a sense of natural and effortless comfort. The range of colours provoke a sense of familiarity and also adds to the aesthetics.

I used 3D Solid Modelling softwares for creating the furniture family and for the visual representation,rendering software Keyshot and photoshop. The process followed was sketching a particular key element that would get repeated and then solid modelling the finest details.The final one was chosen after a lot of iterations and then rendered on Keyshot.

This is a new genre of Industrial design that I am learning. Furniture design is a completely different aspect and just understanding the basic design requirements and crafting them into something completely new is the challenging part. Also reinventing a stool or a bench in a world full of already existing products is the tricky part and achieving that was the biggest takeaway.

Neetica Pande