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Linear Dancers by Fer Ribeiro

Linear Dancers by Fer Ribeiro

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October 2, 2015
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Artist Fer Ribeiro's project titled, 'Linear Dancers' was inspired by "The Secret of Kells" an art book that delves into medieval art. Fer's Linear Dancers is a series of colorful linear illustrations of girls. Check her work below.

Linear Dancer is one of the pieces that I did as personal project. I think is very important to find that time in the day when you stop to do something of your own, just for yourself, to put creativity down, refresh and just let it flow. It was in one of those moments that this series came to life, in a day I wanted to play with a graphic design with extreme straight lines vs. smooth organic shapes. As a way to unite the series also in terms of colours, I used the same colour scheme for all the elements, except for a different colour palette in their hair. As the majority of my work, I also designed and painted this series digitally using Photoshop.
-Fer Ribeiro



In this one, I just wanted to play with a graphic style. Around that time I had just got "The Secret of Kells" art of book and I was amazed by how they play with the lines, so I think that got me inspired. My style is something that is constantly changing I think. But to say some words I'm a illustrator leaning towards a graphic style that fits well kids content with a big focus in colours and characters.
-Fer Ribeiro



So many things inspires me, it's so easy to get lost watching other people work online and get inspired by it, but I'll try to list some names that are constantly amazing me with everything they do. I love the colours of Pascal Campion, the stories and paintings of Oliver Jeffers. I also love how Tomm Moore and his studio Cartoon Sallon brings drawing to life in "The Secret of Kells" and "Song of the Sea". Mary Blair and Claire Keane are two women that I wish I was like and "Headlless Production" is one of my favourite studios in this world. :)
-Fer Ribeiro



In my work I always try to:

  • Do what I love: I think is important to practice a lot, draw a bit everyday but more then anything I try to find subjects and projects that really gets me excited so then I want to explore it more and more.
  • Have good references: Watching good art always makes me want to produce my own, so I'm always trying to collect good references and learn from them.
  • Don't be afraid to share: We can't be afraid to have our work out there, by sharing we are able to get feedback that even when negative make us learn and grow a lot.
    -Fer Ribeiro

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    About Fer Ribeiro

    Fernanda Ribeiro is an Illustrator and Colour Artist, passionate for Design, Colours and Beautiful stories. Originally from Brazil, she grew up in a family of artists. At a young age, Fer was able to play in his dad’s wood workshop and had her first painting lessons watching her mom at work. With that inspiration, she graduated with a degree in Graphic Design and after a couple years of study and work experience back home, she moved to Vancouver-BC to study Classical Animation at the Vancouver Film School. After graduating, she stayed in the North and currently works as an Illustrator and Visual Developer in Vancouver. You can find out more about her on Behance or her website.

    One comment on “Linear Dancers by Fer Ribeiro”

    1. Amazing art! I love how these ladies aren't skinny. It's not usual to see voluptuous bodies being modeled and painted. I made a painting like this but on canvass.

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