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Linedeco Beach Sticker

Linedeco Beach Sticker

Sanghyuk Park
June 14, 2016
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Linedeco is a mobile app that can download wallpapers of Korea. I was working with 12 different books to guess what is happening on the beach in the summer season 12 series mobile stickers. I work with a dynamic approach to the situation of the beaches in a variety of colors and my styles. Many people downloaded from linedeco, and the reaction of those who downloaded it are good.

This is important in the work - to have a clear flow (visual, story) so that the message is better delivered. I think the start of the visual flow point, line, surface. Visual clarity is the clarity of the message. Points, lines, surfaces, like flow of color, text, pictures, and also trying to convey in the same flow. Visual clarity and complete clarity of the message. It was expressed by access to flexible lines and points, and if the dynamic color different situations that occur on the beach

I am working on a project and is mainly used adobe photoshop and illustrations. First a sketch about the project proceeds, receive scanned the sketch. The work received an outline of the scanned sketch illustrations. The coloring on the work outline. It comes with colored work in photoshop. The adjust the resolution in photoshop to mobile standing to proceed with the resizing or editing. Sometimes one has to finalize the publication in InDesign

The project was launched in the summer is also quite high for a lot of people interested in surfing in south korea. So many people were downloading the mobile beach stickers, and buy a beach sticker case.
Things i learned while working on a project to launch. I felt that the picture and color, etc, for the story you want to pass a message to more clearly communicate to appeal again.

Sanghyuk Park

Graphic designer & illustration

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