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Benoit Drigny
April 8, 2017
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Lingerie is a personal project, I just decided to practice my character design and graphic skills with a total freedom. The idea was to have something geometrical but also smooth at the same time, I liked this duality so I challenged myself on finding this balance.

The lingerie theme came from this envy of something graphic and mechanical. To counteract this aspect, I naturally decided to work with a warm color palette. I also didn't want to make something vulgar or degrading, I tried to portray confident and strong women, they're not looking at the spectator, they're just doing their thing. The Dita Von Teese quote expressing this idea pretty well.

I always start a project with a pencil sketch to have a general idea. The final result rarely matches the sketch but for me it's a crucial step. Then I work with illustrator and basic shapes to get the first draft, trying to find a strong color palette too. After that begins the real curves work which is, for me, the longest part. When I'm satisfied with the composition, I use photoshop for the color balance or to add some texture.

To be honest, I didn't expect that enthusiasm around a personal project like this. But it's always encouraging and motivates me to work more and more. Things came up pretty naturally on this project and I'm really happy with this warm welcome.

You can see my work on my behance page, or on my fresh dribbble account.

Benoit Drigny

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