Lips Study Illustration by David Belliveau

This particular project was a study and a way to assess my skills/techniques. From time to time I like to isolate a body part or an object and try to render it as best I can. Focusing on a smaller composition helps me refine my technique and get faster when the time comes to make more complex images.
-David Belliveau


A few years ago, I fell in love with the artwork of “stuntkid,” who created a similar series of lips. The idea of creating my own series has been in my head since then.

-David Belliveau


My style has changed a lot within the past year. Every time I discover a new artist or a new technique, I’m adding something new. There are so many amazing illustrators all around the globe. To name just a few artists whose style I absolutely love: Sam Spratt, Loish Van Baarle, Kyle Fewell, and David Palumbo.

-David Belliveau


What advice can you give to your fellow artist / aspiring artist?
The biggest advice that I have ever received as a young illustrator was to stop trying to get somewhere and to start appreciating the journey. Being an illustrator is about getting better every day and appreciating that process.

-David Belliveau

About David Belliveau

David Belliveau is a visual artist from Montreal, Canada. After many years as a graphic designer and art director for the advertising industry, he is currently expanding his body of work in illustration. David is a self-taught illustrator whose vast knowledge has been acquired through practice and an eagerness to develop and improve his craft. In 2011, David discovered digital drawing and began learning how to draw with Photoshop. He is currently based in Berlin, where he works as a freelancer. See more of his work at Behance or his website.