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Liquid Art House

Liquid Art House

Sherley Wijaya
September 18, 2018

I visited Liquid Art House in 2016, an innovative gallery restaurant that offers a fine dining experience where you can enjoy and purchase local artworks while having your meal. I loved my time there and decided to create something for them just for fun. I did not actually submit my work to them. Nonetheless, I created this project with the idea of submitting my work to them in mind. This project is a photomontage in which I used one of the photos I took, repurposed it, and made it into a rich and vibrant patterned image.

My idea was inspired by a book by Austin Kleon, 'Steal Like An Artist'. From his work, I learned to combine different creative concepts and transform it into one. I approached it by using two of my different skills--photography and graphic design; combining both to produce this project.

I like bold colors. I believe they affect our emotions, and I enjoy seeing people's reactions to my work. In this photomontage, I added strong colors to make the details look sharper with the hope to elicit different emotions out of the people I share my work with.

I used Digital Camera, Adobe Photoshop, and Vsco, I made this photomontage with one of the pictures I took from my travels around the world. I used multiple copies of the same photo and combined it into one. My goal was to create a vibrant image (or 'pattern') that grabs people's attention, and invites them to experience the intricate details of the pattern.

People enjoyed my work. I received many positive feedback from friends, family, art enthusiasts, and experts alike. I especially loved the fact that people were drawn into my patterns. This showed me that I achieved the goal I first set out with when starting this project. And through this project, I learned many new things about people--understanding their emotions through my work.

I believe that people have many different kinds of ideas and hobbies, and I think that anyone who has the will can make the most out of them. You will never know how creative you are until you actually do it.

Sherley Wijaya

Digital Product Designer & Photographer

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