LIQUID interior spaces ” shaping the space from inside to outside “

LIQUID interior spaces ” shaping the space from inside to outside ” ” An applied part of my Masters thesis in Interior Architecture “
– The project : –
sculptural interior design for fashion house .

– Describe : –
the design depend on shaping the space from inside to outside Where the imagination of the space was translated through the mass sculptural liquid combines form and function and create a kind of dialogue and debate with the recipient “user” .

I have moved away from the traditional furniture and display units and replaced by an innovative design that encourages the user to meditate and make him walk smoothly and flow within the design.This is in line with the design orientation The sculptural mass of the space is the one who created the paths of movement from within, but in an open way, the user does not feel the constraints or the need to commit to moving in specific and restricted paths .

The sculptural space , the relationship of the internal mass to the outer shell” cover ” , and the mass frequencies in the vacuum are inspired by the social and spatial influences on the genetic variation among Flocks looking for food in a group of wild birds .

” Movement of birds between time and space “

The formation of the interior space was influenced by the movements of the bird wing and the changes that were created according to the force of nature And to clarify the corners of the flight of the wing of the bird and imagine the imaginary lines of movement in the space and affected by the factors surrounding the strength of the movement of rotation in the arm and wing points .

– The shape of the glass cover is inspired by the beak of the bird .
– The external cover has the ability to open and close and was studied according to the movement of the wing of the bird by imagining the imaginary spectra of the mass of the bird in the space .
– the glass cover is installed on the sculptural cover with the interior space, which can be rotated and a change in its angles .

soha mekaid

ِAn Interior Architectural Designer, furniture designer, master’s degree in interior architecture, Believing that the interior design is an exploratory journey through which infinite worlds are created. The user is the explorer and he has the freedom to translate the space function from his point of view