Little Adventures by Robert Marcillas

Have you ever gone on a road trip with friends? Fun, spontaneous and unplanned get-away on summer days? These photos from our artist is like a walk down memory lane. Grab your backpack, put on your sunblock cream and sunglasses and hop in for a little adventure!

A great French friend and photographer, Aurelien Buttin, came to Barcelona to visit the city. And when I meet with him, we usually escape to some natural site and take photos with friends. In this case, I went out with Enzo, Ot, Jan Phoenix and Aurelien Buttin (also photographers), Carl, Gina and Claudia, to shoot a few photos.

– Robert Marcillas

Siurana II-21-AS

Siurana II-2-AS

All photos taken in this set are spontaneous, without directtion in the pose. Unprepared, you just wait for the moment and shoot.

– Robert Marcillas



Siurana II-8-AS

Siurana II-25-AS

I completed the project in one day and I needed one day more for editing. This project is not based on any notion, just the place and the people needed in those pictures.
– Robert Marcillas

Siurana II-26-AS

Siurana II-29-AS

I used a 24 mm 1.4 on a 6D and I edit it with Lightroom and Photoshop.
– Robert Marcillas

Siurana II-13-ASSiurana II-5-AS



I process 90% with Lightroom, in Photoshop I do some work about skin imperfections and give more sharpness!
-Robert Marcillas

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Robert Marcillas is 21-year old photographer from Barcelona. He likes people and travelling, He loves the good feeling, vibes and fun and whenever possible uses his camera to capture spontaneous moments. He lives in a smalll village surrounded by mountains and beautiful beaches. Robert is a self-taught photographer. He got his first DSLR in 2012 and was since then been practicing and learning techniques to enhance his skills. He aims to tell stories with his photos.

See more of his artworks in Behance and his website.