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Little Chocolate Monsters by Micael Butial

Little Chocolate Monsters by Micael Butial

Stephen Malapote
April 23, 2015

Project done for Intro to Packaging Class at The Art Institute of California - San Francisco.

LITTLE CHOCOLATE MONSTERS brand identity is created to be enjoyed by children and adults who are kids at heart. Quirky characters and handmade logotype brings excitement to the children. After the chocolates have been eaten, kids can cutout the monsters and play with them for an out of the world experience.

-Micael Butial


About the Designer

Micael Butial is a passionate designer who studied Graphic and Web Design at The Art Institute of California - San Francisco. He works as a Graphic Designer at the Gymboree Corporation in San Francisco. Micael grew up in the Philippines and started painting portraits at a young age. After moving to the United States, he continued painting at a local theme park and then decided to pursue a career in the design industry. You can find out more about him by visiting his Behance and Dribble.

3 comments on “Little Chocolate Monsters by Micael Butial”

  1. *takes out credit card*
    Shut up and take my money!
    I might be 21 years old, but I feel like 2 right now...
    I want chocolate :c I want those little creepy monsters :c

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