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Little House in The Woods!

Little House in The Woods!

Kartik Reddy
April 11, 2017
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This project is about a Single house based on a terrain ground. This house is going to be developed in Poland, It is as simple as it looks but it's a really strong architecture designed by SK ARCHITECTI. As a visualizer, before starting any visualization project, like every artist, I require references for the environment and that's the best thing about my client as she provides all the apt. images to explain me how exactly the visualization should look, So it was fun working on this project. It took 16 days to finish this project (wherein I used to work only 3 hours a day) ?

Before I start any project, I collect alot of reference images as everyone do! The look and feel of the final image must be pre-planned in your mind before starting and that's the rule I follow! So, for this house I wanted fresh vegetation all around the house, inside and outside! to make it look more lively! for this, one obvious popped up into my mind that worked very well! i.e, Nature! like dry wood planks! fresh young trees and a vertical garden inside the house! by following these key things and keep trying all the different styles of wood and plants I finally came out with this output!

For this project I used 3ds max and in render engine I chose one of the most flexible and photo-realistic render engine, Fstorm.
I used AutoCAD plans and elevation of the house to model the house! I use autocad files for accuracy, it works very well with snapping and so my model gets ready with accuracy.

This was my Second commercial project from Poland, it was liked by many people in the fstorm group on facebook, and then it is still being recognized on behance by people out there! not so famous yet satisfying as I don't have years of experience.. I haven't even completed 2 years in the field yet so it was really fun working on this project. I learnt many things this project but this is still nothing in front of my upcoming projects! ?

Kartik Reddy

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