The Little Lamp

The little lamp brings you the beauty of geometry in two simple shapes, in a range of exciting colours and materials. Blown glass that fades from peach into clear, making the light appear to hover in the glass shade. The marble base give strongness to the composition and a clear, sophisticated appearance.

It is perfect for every space at home, work, etc, as it has small dimensions that allows you to decorate your sofa table, your shelf, desk, or the bedside table.

The idea was simple, combining two basic shapes into a beautiful, delicate object. There are now three more gradient color options beside the original one, to create the daylight effect in your home. Glass and marble were the chosen materials as a result of an elegant, sophisticated product, combining a strong and delicate appeareance at the same time.

The tools used for this project were Sketch notebook, Rhinoceros, Keyshot and Photoshop.

It began as every design process, from the sketching to the final visual result. I took inspiration from fashion, art, sculpture, nature and of course, other minimal, trendy products I love.

I found there was a very good response to it, I wasn’t expecting at all. I’m very happy with it.
And of course I’ve learned a lot from this and every project I’m in. There’s a constant learning in everything we do, we just have to be conscious about it.

A thing I always say and try to remind to myself is, never stop creating, being curious, and practice as much as you can, you will thank to yourself one day, and for sure, others will.

Giselle Jonte

Giselle is a young Industrial Designer who loves pure, poetic compositions, and details that make products unique. After finishing her Bachellor in Industrial Design and product development in Ferrol, A Coruña(Spain) she has been intern in two studios in London : Deadgood ltd. and Layer (by Benjamin Hubert). She is now looking for internship or job opportunities as a great process to keep learning.