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Living Area and Kitchen

Living Area and Kitchen

Esraa mardi
April 1, 2018
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I made this image after I saw a reference design from a photo, after that I had some ideas to recreate it. This Modern living-room was made using simple color like white and purple and little of dark green .
when designing this project I imagined I was living in it.
I prefer simplicity, nature and simple color so I tried to get them into this design

This project was created with 3D Visualization realism from a photo reference I saw. I had a look some pictures and photos of interiors from the web to find inspiration. After that, I created my projects based on some of the design I found that are nice. Sometimes it's almost a copy of someone's design but of course with my little changes.

Programs that were used in this project are 3ds Max, Vray Render, Photoshop. Lighting is based on internal lighting and sunlight. I used 3ds Max for modeling / texturing of all major sites and Vray for rendering.
I also used Photoshop that always improves your final result

I was happy to work on this project and create a concept that you see. I heard a lot of positive reviews and it is warming to the heart. Thank you all. Some liked the contrast of materials, furniture selection, and others appreciated the quality of the visualization. I am open and happy to listen to any criticism. Many people liked it, some even said, “I would live here.”

Jordanian interior designer and 3d visualizer
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esraa mardi

Jordanian interior designer and 3d visualizer

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