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Living Coral Seamless Batik Motif For Mass Production (fabric screen printing technique)

Living Coral Seamless Batik Motif For Mass Production (fabric screen printing technique)

Dwizky indra
May 22, 2019

The project that I got at the place where I worked before, at that time I was given the order to create some seamless patern motif for the new batik that would be done with the screen printing technique. I am looking for some reference shapes and colors from many sources. Until finally I found this year's color trend called Living Coral, I combined the colors of the living coral with several motifs that I developed from several regions in Indonesia, namely Jambi and Cilacap. Finally it produces a work of art that has regional cultural values with current adaptations

When I will design something I always think about where my design is going, for this design I want to introduce the culture of my region with adjustments to follow the color trend in 2019. In my design, I took a contemporary style, one of which was the image of a chicken that I adjusted to my style, twigs, and flowers typical of jambi batik that I adjusted to my style.

the tool that I used first was a pencil and blank paper to sketch the ideas I collected

then I redrawed the sketch, which I think is good on my Microsoft Surface Pro 5, using software called the catchbook, a software that is very helpful in making motif images and the resulting file is vector

then I made a color palette to be applied, I made it by collecting a number of pictures that gave me a color reference, which I then adjusted to my style.

then I give the color to the motif using the Corel Draw software, and do the assembly placement of the motif

I got a good response from my client, he said "this is good I like"
yes, I got a new lesson in this project, that is, don't be afraid to combine something in a work of art, and the easiest way for people to understand our work is to adapt to what people around are now trending, for example the color of the living coral

hi i am dwizky, i am a designer and illustrator i have a lot of works that might inspire you in some of the needs of some of my works you can see on and I will submit a lot of work here too, so don't miss it

Dwizky Indra N

I'am an product designer graduate from Telkom University Bandung, Indonesia but i'am also do graphic design and illustration

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