Living Cube Furniture by Till Könneker

Till Könneker, an artist and designer, hatched the idea for the Living Cube when he moved into a new apartment in Bern, Switzerland, and discovered it lacked storage space. Könneker sought a single design solution that would solve the challenges of his loft living situation. Könneker sketched out a plan for a minimalist cube which would feature shelves for his vinyl collection, space to mount his flat panel TV, as well as a clothing rack to hang his clothes, and more storage for folded clothes and shoes. Read on and enjoy!

The inside of the cube would serve as a walk-in ‘New Room’ offering much-needed additional storage or workspace utility. The designer added a ladder on the outside and turned the top of the structure into a loft bed. Könneker hired carpenter and fabricator Remo Zimmerli, of Holzlabor, to make the piece, which the designer dubbed The Living Cube. He had photographer Rob Lewis shoot the prototype to commemorate the project for his online portfolio and moved on to the next idea.
But the Living Cube soon took on a life of its own. Design blogs and lifestyle magazines around the world featured the project. And Könneker’s inbox soon filled with requests from others for their own Living Cubes. So Könneker partnered with business developer Dana Loftus and began taking custom orders.
Now, this groundbreaking, efficient, modern and useful design is available to the public worldwide in two standard production models, as well as a custom, built-to-order configuration. A Living Wall configuration is also available featuring all the modular. Elements available within the Living Cube system.
– Till Könneker



Living Cube makes multi-functional furniture for modern living. This innovative concept combines 8-12 essential pieces of furniture into one space-saving footprint: an entertainment unit that can fit a 42″/107 cm flat panel screen, shelves suitable for books, records and/or clothing, wardrobe, workspace, closet, shoe rack, drawers, bike/skateboard storage, mini bar, a queen-size bed-ready loft, and interior ‘New Room’ for additional storage or workspace utility. Born out of a personal need to address a challenging living situation (lack of storage, limited space), Living Cube is both useful and sleek — a genuinely inspired marriage of form and function. Available in multiple sizes, Living Cube is affordable, fine furniture for the discerning urban dweller, or anyone who requires equal parts utility and style. “Living Cube maximizes your space so you feel like you have more with less”. – Dana
– Till Könneker