Living Integrado Moderno

Every project has the ability to inspire us, the secret being that we do not limit ourselves. We learned a lot from the opportunity and partnership that Studio 8 entrusted to us in idealizing every detail that they thought of in this project. The quest for realism in an electronic model (archviz) is in thinking and retaining every detail, be it a more complex object or material.

The main idea was the pursuit of loyalty to what the office hired us idealized and expected from the photorealism. Approaching the realism in a scene / model, being attentive to all the possible details to enchant and to arouse the admiration of the spectators.

The software formed are: SketchUp, Vray 3.4 and Photoshop.
The production process begins with the “shell” model of the environment, furniture and composition (decoration). After this process of manufacturing, analysis, testing of materials and final, we performed a final image aggregated to post production.

The feedback that people have given about this model has been incredible and very busy. Yes, because I believe we are in constant learning, we can not limit ourselves to what we simply know. Each project allows us to learn something new.

Suelen Arantes

Studio of architecture, specializing in electronic models (archviz). We aim to arouse the admiration of those who look at the photorealistic project, especially our clients. In search of constant evolution, we use elements of nature, cinema, textures, among other elements that inspire us to inspire professionals and people who admire the architecture and its complementary elements.