The total area of ​​the apartment is 52 square meters. And it had such a small and awkward kitchen. So my client wanted to remove the wall between the kitchen and living room to arrange a dining area in the living room and have easy access to it from the kitchen. Stylistically she wanted a place that was modern, minimalist, warm and inviting with natural finishing materials.
With that in mind I got to designing.

On the moodboard you can see some items and ideas I pulled together to present the client when we got started.

– The vertical timber panels help to create a privacy screen between the living room and the entrance and allow the light to penetrate into the hallway.

– To add texture to this room I proposed to use brick slips as a finish for the TV wall.

– Concrete floor is a practical and easy-to-clean choice and combine very well with the clean white walls.

– The room needed some black accents to balance out the huge black TV screen in the middle of the wall. So I used the ‘black/natural’ herringbone rug and the lovely Night Owl table lamp.

– Sofa on legs is a great solution for such a small room as it gives the illusion of light and space.

– Slab-style veneer cabinet doors with finger pull opening instead of hardware help to achieve more contemporary and streamlined look.

– I used greenery, cushions and books to add some color to this neutral space.

I used Adobe Photoshop for creating mood boards and Autodesk AutoCad for creating design plans.
And the final renders were created using 3D Studio Max for modeling, Corona Renderer as Render Engine and Adobe Photoshop for Post Production, only to adjust the lighting (exposure, contrast, etc).

I received many positive feedback on this project and the most valuable one was from my client because making my clients happy with the result is my priority.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts, comments or questions below.

Olga Dolen

Interior design and achithectural visualisation