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Loft Style Apartment by Katie Domracheva

Loft Style Apartment by Katie Domracheva

Honey Adraque
September 9, 2015
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The project is called Loft style apartment because it’s not classical loft in industrial area. Apartment is located in newly built multistory house but the main client’s wish was to make it look like loft, that’s why it's called loft style.

Clients are the young couple. They travel a lot, have versatile hobbies, like to listen to music and to watch movies with friends, all-rounders to say in one word. Certainly, they already knew how their new home should look like. Bare concrete walls, painted brick, wooden surfaces, bright and artistic floors and modern furniture that’s was clients vision and I shared their point of view. It was very interesting to work on this project collaborating with clients and solving different tasks.

- Katie Domracheva

closet (1)

hall (1)

closet (3)

closet (2)

Mainly I was inspired by clients, their vision and wishes. I surfed the internet searching for lofts all around the world, learning main features of this style. Materials we used inspired me itselves, I like to work with bare concrete and wood, to play with it covering surfaces in different ways.
Ideas always come when you are trying to solve any kind of task or discussing it with client. Also I really like some blogs and web pages about architecture and interior designs. Magazines are very useful too. I read and watch about interior design a lot, seeking works of my colleagues all around the world. They inspire me and also give some ideas.

- Katie Domracheva

hall (2)

kid's room (2)

kid's room (1)

hall (3)

Any project consist of challenges. In this apartment it was it’s narrow long plan with only two windows. That’s why the decision was to place bedroom and kid’s room near the windows and to put livingroom, kitchen and hall behind them separated with glass partition with curtains on the private sides of each room. The idea came from loft interiors with open area, which is zoned mainly with glass partitions or curtains. Due to this solution livingroom and kitchen can be lighted by natural lighting during the day and separated from observation by curtains. Since clients’ and my vision of the interior was similar few amount of revisions was made.

- Katie Domracheva

livingroom (1)


kid's room (5)

livingroom (2)

About Katie Domracheva

Katie Domracheva was born in Vladivostok, Russia. She graduated at Far Eastern Federal University in 2012 with a bachelor degree in Architecture and Urban Planning. Since that time, her specialization was interior design and visualization. She left Vladivostok and moved to Thailand several time ago and now she's a freelance interior designer and she's working worldwide. You can find more of her works on her Behance profile.

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