Lofter by Rostislav Pokotilov

Rostislav Pokotilov’s “Lofter” is an online furniture store that sells modern and unique furniture worldwide. It offers hundreds of quality and stylish furniture pieces with good pricing. The main goal was to design an e-commerce site that would offer better way to shop for furniture.

For this project I’ve chosen 1200px grid and made it in card design style. And I also wanted to make it in minimalist and clean manner with strong typography.I love design. I love it when something is well-designed and I love everything about unnatural forms. I mean forms that were created only by man and you can’t find it in nature. For example rectangle, square, cube, etc. These forms are ideal and very structural, there is no chaos in it. So when I need some inspiration I always try to find different structural parts in old magazines or posters with its remarkable grids, headers, images and rules that allows them working together. Then I start to wire frame my project. And this is the best part to play with your imagination, but at the same time you have to remember that you build site that needs to solve client’s business problems, it’s not just about good-looking thing.
-Rostislav Pokotilov

Rostislav Pokotilov

Well, I think my style is a mix of classic Swiss design and modern minimalist design. But it’s just my thoughts, maybe it looks like something else ūüôā My favorite designers are Dieter Rams, Jonathan Ive, Chip Kidd and Paul Rend. My design is always influenced by their works and creativity. And of course I have to mention Russian famous painters Kazimir Malevich and El Lissitzky. They both are great. As I said before, when you start building the website you always need to keep in mind that it’s all about a client’s business. And also that the infinite amount of iterations provides great results.
-Rostislav Pokotilov

About Rostislav Pokotilov

Rostislav Pokotilov is a 26-year-old web designer. He live in a small city located in the sunny south of Russia, quite near Sochi. See more of his works on Behance.