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Logo Collection by Esteban Oliva

Logo Collection by Esteban Oliva

Marianne Piano
October 10, 2015
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This art set is a collection of different logo styles that the artist created for used and unused client proposals, during the year 2014 and 2015. Esteban creates simple but catchy logos. Check it out and be amazed of his minimalist and fun designs!

StreetMob / 2015
I tried to reflect the spirit of the "Food Trucks" culture, the possibility of enjoying meal outdoors. Also, they offer Food Trucks customization service, so I've tried to transmit the retro style of their trucks as well.

- Esteban Oliva


Top Kitchen / 2014
The idea was to create a simple and clean monogram shape (TK). Their kitchens are really stylized, so we tried to keep it very simple.

- Esteban Oliva


Story Box / 2014
I idea was to reflect the feedback between customers and the marketing agency.

- Esteban Oliva


Homework Unlocked / 2014
It's pretty simple and obvious. Once again, it reflects the brand name. It has a iconic and cartoonish style.

- Esteban Oliva


Carrot / 2014
It's an app to promote activity and a healthy lifestyle, so I've played with the idea of "follow the carrot", given the app name is "Carrot".
- Esteban Oliva


Artella / 2015
It was a nice project where I worked closely with the talented digital animator Bobby Beck. Artella enables you to create and contribute to the projects that you want to see brought to life from concept to completion! So I tried to reflect the "process" of a project creation.

- Esteban Oliva


Pantea / 2015
Pantea is a Digital Advertising Company, so I did a colorful "play" to reflect technology and dynamism.

- Esteban Oliva


Startups / 2014
A simple icon wich transmit the hope and expectation of the next generation startups.

- Esteban Oliva


Deawebo / 2014
I've created a excited moscot wich looks very happy. The idea is to transmit "fun", given it is a website to create your custom "memes".

- Esteban Oliva


The Cinegogue / 2015
It is for a reviews films website. The brand name it's pretty funny, so I tried to unite the "synagogue" idea with a diaphragm camera.

- Esteban Oliva


Sweet Lulu Baby / 2014.
Sweet Lulu Baby is a lovely vintage babies clothing brand. I've tried to make it simple with a retro look and feel.

- Esteban Oliva



Esteban Oliva studied Graphic Design in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and worked there in an advertising agency (MS Agency) for five years. He was employed for Zed, a multinational digital entertainment, in their “creative area” five years ago until 2014. He then started to work as a freelancer that he’s really happy about. He tries to keep his design style as simple and clean as well as he likes to give a funny touch when it is possible. He focuses on branding, logos, stationery, infographics, posters, covers, etc. Currently, he has his own “clients list” that he is working with some nice projects. See more of his artworks in Behance.

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