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Logo - for an Artificial Intelligence based Health Company - Airmed

Logo - for an Artificial Intelligence based Health Company - Airmed

Minakshi Gupta
May 23, 2019
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The client was a health research based company working in health sciences, statistics, artificial intelligence (machine learning, including deep learning neural networks), computer vision, data visualization, big data and information technologies.

They asked for a modern and abstract logo incorporating elements : neural network, artificial intelligence, machine learning or data science.

I like designs with a meaning behind them. I studied their website and asked them about their color preferences.
I researched and finally set my mind on designing an idea based around neurons and data transfer.
The color green and blue go well with science and also feel welcoming, so we decided to use them in the logo.

I started sketching ideas on my notepad incorporating neurons/data transfer and shared my first draft with them. I used Adobe Illustrator to vectorize the design. The client liked the direction and concept behind it. So after few discussions and iterations we finalized this design.

I received positive and encouraging reviews for this design. People and client liked the simplicity and timeless look of it. It goes well with the website and looks serious yet inviting. I enjoyed researching and working on this project very much.

Minakshi Gupta

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