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Logo & Identity Design (Personal Brand)

Logo & Identity Design (Personal Brand)

Antonio Possemato
December 5, 2017
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The brief of this project was simple. Realize my personal logo. However, it's true that for a graphic designer the most complex project is when it has to make a project for itself. Why is it complicated?
Because we are a designer, we always want the best and we want our jobs to be perfect, like small creatures!

The idea of making a monogram came immediately, a bit of a challenge because so many said that the letters A and P did not bond well together and some because the monogram is very elegant as a solution for a designer.
Starting to sketch on paper, after so many tests I came to the solution I liked. For the style definitely influenced my passion for minimal design, in fact both the choice of the Futura font-family, as a starting point, and the black color have come out of the minimal design influence.

I love the adobe suite, without these programs my work would be useless, by now they are my life companions !! I divide the design of a logo in various phases. The main phase is a conceptual phase in which I collect brief information that will then be used to extract keywords and concepts to include in the work. In this case, the brief was already in my mind and it was easier to collect all this information.

After that, having collected the keywords from the brief I begin to take my wonderful black-haired, I turn off my PC and my smartphone and start drawing with pencil for so long until I get to have some good idea to be able to carry on. I tell the truth, I've drawn 5 pages of moleskine and only in the end I had a couple of ideas to carry on. The brilliant idea came when I remembered the story of how the font-family FUTURA was designed for its geometric characteristics and the perfection of the German Bauhaus, so I thought it could be a good starting point for the my project.

I then go to Adobe Illustrator, where I initially create a guide grid to make the logo look balanced and geometrically fair. Having done so many paper tests, making it on Illustrator is much simpler because you already have a lot of evidence on paper that would be much slower to do on the application. Obviously then having the digital version is simpler to make micro-modifications like correcting curves, optical corrections, and more.

When I got to say ok the monogram is ready! , I went to lettering but here the choice of the font was already begun by sketching, FUTURA font-family was the one to use !! In fact, the monogram is accompanied by my full name, Antonio Possemato and a pay-off creative designer who goes to highlight the area of the logo.

The project has just been published, now that I'm writing this article is 24h online on social, so I still can not say so much. Certainly my colleagues on the social and friends who followed me were happy with this graphic sign, so many people complimented me. I hope this project understands my degree of preparation and the style of my work to so many people would be a great personal satisfaction.

I would be happy to have a comment on this project, I hope I did not bore you but that I was a source of inspiration come for me.
See complete project here -
Good luck

Antonio Possemato

Hi, I'm Antonio an Italian designer who works like a graphic designer, web designer, UX/UI designer and front end developer with 6 years of experience and a strong passion for minimal design in every field.
I started my training about design since I was child because my father has got a typography and so I passed a lot of time in his office to see his work and I fell in love right away about the color, the graphic and computer.
In 2007 I moved to Rome where I frequented until 2009 the AANT academy (Accademia delle arti e nuove tecnologie) as a graphic designer where I got the Grafico Visualizer certificate with the maximum of vote. In the same academy, in 2009, I've attended the Master in Multimedia Design who gave me the Art Direction Certificate.
Now I'm working like a designer from 6 years and I'm always fell in love about my work because this work is wonderful, create logos is wonderful, make html and css is wonderful, in the end the design is everywhere ?

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