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LogoFolio 2015 by Lewis Ngugi

LogoFolio 2015 by Lewis Ngugi

Honey Adraque
October 19, 2015

LogoFolio is a portfolio of all the logos Lewis Ngugi has managed to design for companies and businesses this year 2015. Some of them are local and others are international. Read on and enjoy!

There is nothing as wonderful as sharing your creativity with other designers for inspiration and for clients to get a glimpse of my professional work, as they appreciate it. Well, the community in Behance really has very creative designers and how they present their work, is just marvelous. I decided to set out on that path and present my logo design work.

- Lewis Ngugi





The main important and first step in making a LogoFolio is to get inspiration. The sources are so many, like your website itself is a source on its own. You marvel at other designers works, study them and you start playing around with what you've seen.

- Lewis Ngugi





Tools that I used to design the LogoFolio were my sketchbook & pencil, Snipping tool for capturing the designs that really got my eye and lastly Photoshop (Best Tool I've used so far). I got the ideas as mentioned above from Behance. I am a great fan of this community. They just set international standards which is quite inspiring. To get a design just by doing it once and for the first time, that is usually a miracle no matter the experience. I had to do around 6 revisions.

- Lewis Ngugi





Lewis Ngugi

Lewis Ngugi is a Christian and a self-taught Freelance Graphic Designer hailing from Kenya, commonly known in the internet as Ngeshlew. Started designing in November 2014 just to try out how to design business cards. He has been learning each and every day on TutsPlus and Youtube since then. He has skills in front-end development too and loves assisting startups and already established companies in defining their identities in the job market that will gear the companies towards achieving their business objectives. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile or website.

34 comments on “LogoFolio 2015 by Lewis Ngugi”

  1. Every king was once a crying baby and every building was once a picture.So Stay Positive Always and have hope....The future is bright keep it up man

    1. Tony, "... Its not about where you are today but where you will reach tomorrow." I will keep going. Thank you fellow soldier.

  2. Hey Lewis, I love your designs, really authentic . Way to go!!! Keep up the awesome work! Looking toward to see more.Thumbs up

  3. Way to go my friend!!! ?? The sky is definitely the limit and I am exceedingly proud of you!!! Keep up the great work!! ????

  4. This logofolio is superb. ngeshlew has designed a couple of logos form me and they are just awesome. Keep up the good work Lewis

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