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Dalia Adel
June 8, 2022
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LOGOFOLIO.2 is an artwork includes 7 different logos for 2 different companies. In branding projects i go through 5 phases. First, i do my researh about the brand, then next i start sketching and when i come up with different options. I start the 3rd phase with turning these sketches to vectors and then i go to the 4th phase with colouring them and this is my favourite part because it make these logos come to life. My last phase and it's the most important one is presenting these logos to explain the concept behind their design.

The idea of all these logos depend on all the research i have done to know all about the brand . It's name, the meaning of the name, type of the brand and indirect messages need to be delivered when customer see this logo. Then i start thinking how to mixup up all these information and come up with fully designed logos.
First logo " Tech-Tax" i tried 3 dfferent options.
1st one depends on the 1st letters of the brand name " T T " and wink. 2nd one is mixup of wifi symbol and tax paper which is indirect message to the service they offer.3rd one is mixup of cloud computing symbol and paper lines.

2nd logo " Digital Transforamtion Solution " i go through 2 different tracks
Two of them depend on the 1st 3 letters of the brand name " D T S" and the other two depend on the concept of digital transformation.

I chose those colours in both logos which are shades of blue and green because they represent intelligence, trustworthiness and maturity.

I start first with sketching on paper with pencil. Then i work on adobe illustrator to turn them to vectors and colour them. After that i work on the presentation.

Each logo gives different impression on each customer depending on how he think and feel about shapes and colours used in the logo.
Sure i learn much from each project i work on . The more i do research the more i got knowledge about new brands and service and i try hard to make them come to life.

Nothing but branding is very important for and brand it gives it's identity and trustworthiness.

Dalia Adel

Hello,My name is Dalia.I'm graphic designer with over 4 years of experience. I'm very interested in branding, logo design and all about corporate identities. I also have much experience in social media designs and campaigns using adobe programs photoshop and illustrator and after effect.My favourite time at work is when thinking of new ideas for a new project.

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