unixel creative’s logofolio, these are all the logos I have created during 2017, they differentiate from small business logos to larger industries and domains including companies, organizations and facebook pages…
Each logo has its own story, its own adventure and its own experience, feel free to ask me about it, I like telling stories…

Each time I send a craetive brief to a client, I find it filled with lots of hopes, messages and ideas that they want to be transfered into real logos that talk directly to their audience.
I usually start to feel as one of the audience and unsderstand how does it feel to be one of the audience, later on, I start to do some mind mapping, after that, I sketch the best ideas and finish the sketching phase.
A step is finished , another starts, I go into digital and manipulate those ideas, I do final retouches, add colors and the shape is done.
Typography is another dilemma by itself, when the time and money budget is sufficient, I design the type by myself, otherwise, I would require some open fonts and do some manual manipulation to them to give some personal touch to the identity of the client’s logo.

As a start, I use basic sketching on papers, then I go to digital, if the shape is geometric, I light up Adobe Illustrator and start manipulating it to make the whole shape, if the shape is more sophisticated , I try to simplify it in Adobe Photoshop, simplify it then I vectorize it in illustrator.
By the end, I put the logo in a mockup in Photoshop to give life to it and see how the final product will look like.

Of course I learnt lots of things, each time I design a logo, I get out of my comfort zone of logo design, I acquire new skills and new concepts, so every logo design project is a whole adventure by itself.

Menidjel Oussama

I am an energetic ambitious person who has developed his skills in co-operating and contributing with others during his way in this world, I can handle any task that I undertake or the situation I am presented with.
In addition, I am great in working with others to achieve the desired result.
As a three years graphic design expert, I have enough experience that allows me to solve my clients’ problems because it’s the great designer’s job to solve his clients’ right problems.