Logos Bunch

Great ideas that over time turned in to more ideas, logos that made it in to the the net, hidden from the larger mass and that probably nobody around the world will see them. Brands that over the years I had the opportunity to build and yet are living only in some of my friends emails and my external hard drive.

Love the process of creating something, even if they are not ideas that will make the big web, still are ideas, and still are a good way to share and inspire other to create better ones. Over the year as many other designer we get inspired by the simple enthusiasm of others, and we try to translate that the best way possible.

First, get a nice plain paper and draft all the random thing that are logical and the ones that are not, then by using that standard vector based tools like fireworks and or Illustrator started implementing them to the best of my abilities.

I have a very simple approach when creating a logo, “the name doesn’t have to make sense” logos are based on their identity and when you present this type of concept to the clients they start understanding that there is a deeper goal bending the design, and for that most of the reaction are great. Clients and friend tend to appreciate the selling of a good perspective.

feel free to use them as inspiration to make your own original version of a logo or a successful brand… let me know I would love to see what ideas are created after this ones.

Angelo Zodda

Originally from Venezuela, I have been in the graphic / design industry for now over 14 years, in that time period have acquired a specific skillset that have allowed me to market myself in the area of front-end design, interface engineer / designer, user experience designer. 
I have worked with team around the world, leading many different types of development / hands on – from branding campaigns, national government sites, small startup strategies, apps (apple and android). My goal is to keep expanding these skills and using them doing what I love.