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Logos identity: figures have spirit

Logos identity: figures have spirit

Roman Erohnovich
April 6, 2020

Logos' identity is a modern fresh twist on Russian design, with all its history and well-established principles. It represents a cult-like dry technical design and emotional Russian soul, it is function multiplied by feeling, a geek engineer who found the meaning of life in formulas.

Visual language techniques were borrowed from technical design. The aesthetics of simple layouts, infographics, technical fonts, and procedural design are reflected in the corporate font, iconography, and layout principles. A signature element is a heat map that reflects the idea of a function and brings color and emotion into the dry technical design. It gives us the opportunity to look at the product through the eyes of an engineer, as well as it reflects the objectives of the product that are modeling of physical processes.

Mostly I used creative 3D illustrations and animations: they complement the visual imagery and expand the variability of media usage. Also, colors are playing a great role in the whole case. If we talking about the process — we create this case together with great design agency Raduga Design.

I learn how mathematical and cold projects could bring emotions and spirits into world. Logos is a computational and mathematical package for modeling physical processes in the aviation and automotive industries, nuclear power, and the rocket and space industry. This is the first digital product presented by Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation, the Russian Federal Nuclear Center and the All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics.

Roman Erohnovich

My name is Roma Erohnovich, and I am a designer. I create a visual culture within an artificial reality based on the experience of the system I myself am a part of. I believe that design has no strict rules, no criteria, there are no standard units, no objective opinions and, most importantly, no standards. I advocate for ethical design, conscious consumption, and honest communication.

I am a multi-specialist, and I approach the project comprehensively, as a holistic process. My key skills the following:

• Brand identity
• Web design
• Digital product design

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