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Logos & Marks: Collection 1

Logos & Marks: Collection 1

Arti Mashru
October 17, 2017
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A new artificial intelligence company was looking for a logo. The client had been keen on a concept involving the arctic or polar region. They wanted a clean and professional look, and something different from the run-of-the-mill technology or AI logos that show brains or network lines or a computer circuit. Showcased herewith are the unused concepts made for the client.

The arctic or polar regions immediately brings to mind icebergs, pine trees, polar bears and a midnight sky. Thus, the midnight blue color was adapted as the brand theme and the symbols used to form AM for the company's initials related to arctic region.

Adobe Illustrator was used to make the symbols and the complete logo. Research was done initially to look up existing logos with similar symbols to avoid any conflicts or replicas. A flat yet shaded look was adapted to give a modern, scientific and futuristic feel.

The client liked the concept and the overall reception to the designs had been very positive. It had been quite difficult for the client to choose just one concept and design that they liked. Overall the symbols, color theme and the professional look was appreciated.

Arti Mashru

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