Selected logos were designed based on the basic shape (circle)
The project is to exploit simple geometric shapes to form new forms that can be used in brand design
I worked on designing several logos with geometric shapes and wanted to collect all my works under one project (LOGOS VOL. 1 CIRCLES)

I like basic shapes in design
Circle inspire me to design any thing I wan
The shape of the circle is flexible and gives the freedom to design. Any shape can be designed by means of circles, giving the circles complete freedom of design and giving unique forms at the end

Adobe illustrator
At first I think of design on paper
When I come to a specific idea, I begin to analyze the idea into its simple shapes
After the analysis begins the implementation phase
There are several rules for using circles in design, including the golden ratio rule
I start to merge, cut and arrange circles to give me the final shape of the logo

Simple geometric shapes can form any shape
Through overlap, integration, cutting, repetition, etc.
Try to create your own simple shapes that will inspire you a lot of shapes that will help you in design and creativity
The circle on which I have relied on this project has the flexibility and vitality I can make any distinctive logo.