I shared some brand jobs I made during 2017. Most of them were made for the town of Fray Mamerto Esquiú, located in the province of Catamarca, Argentina.
Some are more geometric than others; I like more than anything the symmetry when it comes to developing a brand. The more synthetic the better.

Some logos are very conceptual because of the needs of the customers. Most of them were developed for the province of Catamarca, so they must carry some formality when designing.
In other cases, such as Geek Batata or Espacio Esencia will see that the style and colors are somewhat more striking, and less structured. This is because these are the projects with greater creative freedom.

The way to work first is to start with some paper sketches, then work on the most popular design programs, such as illustrator, photoshop or after effects.
If I work with Illustrator, the first thing I do is to vectorize those sketches that best fit the concept I chose to develop the brand.
Once vectorized, I continue with the selection of typography, the most important stage of the design process in my opinion.
When I already have the right typography I move to the selection of colors.
This is the last step to have my final brand conformed.

I have spoken with many co-workers and former college colleagues about my work and the possibility of showing them on this page.
They really like what I do and they characterize me as a synthetic designer.
I think that is the most accurate way to design, it is simple, minimalist and synthetic. When a design has many elements, it makes it difficult to read and understand the brand.

Diego Guido

I am a graphic designer with experience in graphic production, advertising and communication. My goal is to develop and participate in design projects at the Multimedial level, in order to meet the needs for which the client demands my work.
I perform very well in the field of the termination of originals because I worked for 7 years in the sector of screen printing and offset in a company, so I was able to quickly identify which are the supports that would work best and more effectively to execute each idea Of design and that its completion is successful.

I am currently in the Creativity sector of the advertising agency León Buenos Aires, contributing in the development of pieces and integral design of campaigns, especially in the political field