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Logotypes 2017

Logotypes 2017

Asia Angulska
November 29, 2017
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Logotypes made in 2015-2017. Those commissions were conducted for my friends as well as for long-term clients from Poland. In any of my work, I try to find a customised style and work out an individual direction depending on the profile of client's brand. I like to try different tools and work closely with pencils.

Every project has different background. Style and colours depend on the process and character of the brand. Inspiration comes from the conversations with clients and more directly, from my experiences and local environment. It's important to build a logo sign around assembled knowledge and analysis of the core values of specific brand.

Pencils, ink, scanner, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop. I always start with some sketches, then I choose the best ones and scan them. Make different compositions, redraw and scan again. The process varies every time. When project is more complicated like lettering logos, I try to communicate with the client on every stage of creation by sending sketches, instead of elaborated vectorised logos.

They appreciate it and sometimes offer some work. Usually I learn from every project after some time I publish it. I can see progress with every project I make which doesn't exactly mean only better looking visual outcome, but also mental progress.

Asia Angulska

I'm a polish graphic designer living and working in Poznan, Poland. I have a masters degree in typography from University of Arts in Poznan.

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