I’ve made projects of few logotypes of imagined companies. I’ve decided them to be different. There are cosmetic companies, a bank, chocolate factories, a restaurant, a vineyard and other. Each logotype was meant to show the character of each company. The thing that makes them similar is an illustrative character of logotype or illustration elements that are in visual identity.

Making these projects, I was mostly inspired by illustration. Choosing colors and putting them together was also inspirational. I like it when logotype or other parts of visual identity have some colorful, illustrative elements that communicate what the project is about.

Firstly, I did some research of visual identities of companies from different business areas. I wanted my logotypes to be quite similar to corporate identities of other firms, to show a character of each company. On the other hand, I was also insired by illustration, to give my projects some personal style. Then, I was drawing some ideas on a paper. After that I started designing them in Adobe illustrator.

Making these projects, tought me that you have to be aware of style of other modern graphic designers. On the other hand, you have to find your own style of making projects. I realized that each logotype and corporate identity is a message about character of a company. Visual identity organizes our public area and should help us to find things, services that we are looking for.

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Pawel Surkont

Graphic designer graduated in Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland.