Lookbook for Ukrainian Fashion Label Moii

Moii presents huge sartorial interest and is a gift to work with. Designs combine traditions and innovations. Vintage tissues from one hand and modern styles from the other. This way designer Marina Kruglova adds some history to her modern cuts. Most coats of the fall collection are made of wool used for military overcoats in 40’s.
Visuals of the collection have to look clean and but not sterile: was the main designer’s demand.

MOII designs is the case when less is more. Having this in mind, was decided to avoid complicated decorations, artificial postures or heavy make-up. We concentrated on textures instead. Vintage wall and fog adds a kind of mystery. Featured in this ambiance girl wearing Moii without any doubts has a story to tell. As well as it is curious to take a look at the insides of the clothes themselves.

Project was shot in the studio in Kiev using Nikon D300 camera, three studio flashlights and fog-machine. Few days before shooting we made fitting where we assembled all looks. I must say it is extremely important not to leave it to the shooting day. As for the model, Diana Tarasenko was our lucky match. Her portfolio was the first one to get from the agency and we screamed “that’s it!” and finished the casting.
As for postproduction, I prefer not to involve my painting experience. So I try to capture the best image I can. I use photoshop for color correction and skin retouch though.

Although I produced numerous photo projects, this shooting was my first commercial work as a photographer. And I was literary forced to shoot it (Thank you, Marina Kruglova). What I really learned is that I’m not as bad as I thought. And it gave me a great motivation for learning.

Helen Vechurko

Kiev based photographer. Currently studying film directing. After getting masters in fashion design worked in media as a stylist and then shooting producer. This year started trying myself as photographer.