Lost in Paradise

My biggest passion is capturing the different lighting situations and the dramatic clouds that develop in the tropics as the day progresses. They sky is so different from the more northern latitudes. During my short stay in Koh Samui, I spent mornings roaming the beaches for the quite moments before the tourists and vendors crowd the otherwise beautiful waterfront. As the afternoon progresses the light changes and just before sunset you can capture some really dramatic moments.

Photography for my is a great way to escape from my other creative work. National Geographic was one of my biggest inspiration when it comes to travel pictures and discovering the world. The camera becomes my extension to finding new worlds, and let’s me block out everything else.

All the images are taken with my Canon EOS 50 and processed in Lightroom. I’ve added some before and after examples for comparison to show how much you can get out of the pictures. I spend a great deal of time working out the contrasts in the clouds to get the maximum in dramatic effect.

Response to my work is limited I haven’t published it in all to many places, and up till now it’s been very positive. In the end the most important thing when showing your work isn’t just about what others think, but about how much fun it was to do, and that if a few people enjoy it, all the better.

Raymond Inauen