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Loud Chicken!

Loud Chicken!

Shannen Espeña
January 28, 2020
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I was watching this clip of a K-pop girl group called TWICE during their encore in one of their concerts. One of the members was goofing around with a rubber toy chicken. She even made it scream at the mic and it was so loud I found it hilarious. 

The image was from a pose she made while they were saying goodbye to the audience. I found the contrast of her face and the chicken particularly funny. It also brought out the playful personality of the member which I think is why I love the group a lot.

I'm an animator but my heart has always been for illustration and design. In my free time, I love creating art out of the things I'm currently obsessed with--may it be a book, a film, a TV series or in this case, a K-pop group. I try to use different style and I enjoy learning in the process.

I figured I would use vector illustration for this piece because I aim to practice more in the field. The initial vision for this project was a quick doodle of the subject but I ended up putting it in illustrator and experimenting with the colors. I DID try to retain the "doodle" style by avoiding too much shadows, highlights and outlines. Instead, I used simple shapes and lines. 

I initially drew this on a piece of paper, without really thinking much of moving forward and coloring it.

But then I tried putting it in Adobe Illustrator 2019 and thought the simple lines would make a good vector illustration --which is why I mostly used pen tool in creating it. I think the challenging part about the project is making the wrinkles for her shirt. I did have difficulties figuring out how to do it with minimal outlines and shadows.

The fun part for me is probably choosing the kind of tone I would want for the piece. I already had colors based from the reference images but I figured they were a bit bland. So I tried recoloring it with Recolor Artwork in Illustrator. It took me some time to choose from the interesting color palettes I found but I ended up settling with the cooler colors.

I'm glad I was able to receive positive feedback by just being a fan of a k-pop group. I was also happy that I get to practice more in the field of design and I am excited to learn more!

Hello! I'm Shannen. I hope you had fun reading about the work I enjoy doing. Feel free to contact me if you ever need an animator and illustrator. I would be glad to help out! Thanks a lot!

Shannen Espeña

Hello! I'm Shannen. I'm an animator and illustrator based in the Philippines. I've been in the creative field for 3 years now. I'm still in the process of exploring and learning but I would gladly help out if you ever need someone to create videos and designs for you!
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