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Love at the Bottom by Jeremy Shaw

Love at the Bottom by Jeremy Shaw

Honey Adraque
May 14, 2015

Today's feature is a photographic series of love inspired from a music video 'Toby and Pete' which was directed for the iconic french musician Charlelie Couture..The concept is all about love and how it conquers some of the love blocks by finally feeling of falling in love. Read on and enjoy!

Love at the Bottom is a photographic series from the music video 'Toby and Pete' Directed for the iconic french musician Charlelie Couture. The creative duo were inspired by Magritte's iconic painting "The Kiss", but with a lighter spin on the deep psychology of all consuming love. The story revolves around a man who is trapped in what appears to him as a physical, yet to everyone else, a metaphorical block of ice. His cold and icy facade is only softened when meeting and falling in love with a new neighbour in his building.
- Jeremy Shaw






Client: Charlelie Couture / Universal Music France
Directed by Toby & Pete
Photography: Jeremy Shaw
Model Maker: Make-Up Effects Group
Styling: Janai Anselmi Styling
- Jeremy Shaw






About Jeremy Shaw

After studying at both the National Arts School and at the Australian Centre for Photography in Sydney, Jeremy Shaw went on to assist Australia’s top advertising photographers. This also allowed him time to develop a diverse body of personal projects. He has been quick to establish himself as a sought after image maker, building a great reputation on delivering successful campaigns that demonstrate a close and creative attention to detail with work that connects with audiences, leading to a strong and growing portfolio. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile or website.

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