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Love Can

Love Can

Liz Hunt
April 26, 2018
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“Love Can” Do Anything A network of 37 churches came together to spread the message of hope and love to the Omaha community. DayCloud, in turn, launched a multi-media saturation campaign to produce one million acts of kindness in five weeks. We shared people’s stories whose lives had been turned upside down by Love and created a pop-up/experience store at a local mall to bring the city together.

We needed something that many different types of people could rally behind, but it still needed to stand out as a campaign for the city. There was this concept of love overcoming the issues of our city and so we wanted to pair the smooth logo with the grittier textures and images because love doesn't necessarily mean all sunshine and rainbows. But love can be hard work and requires commitment and that's what this campaign was about- committing to the city and loving the people within it.

Branding: Illustrator with a sprinkle of Photoshop
Social Media Campaign: mostly Photoshop
Popup Store: anything we could get our hands on

We worked with a team of creatives on the initial logo artwork. We have several concepts and ultimately landed on this one because we felt it hit our major goals for the messaging and campaign. We worked with a team of marketing strategist on creating the artwork for social media as well as a local photographer to capture the many faces of the people in our city. Then, for the pop-up exhibit, we worked with many different local and non-local business and volunteers. For 4 months we personally saw the build to fruition.

We learned a ton from this project! One is, building a pop-up store is way more expensive than you ever think it will be. Yikes! But we had a ton of great responses from people. Many were posting pictures on social media about the pop-up exhibit. The 40ft long, hand-drawn mural we created (it was a coloring wall for the city) was fully colored in within 3 days and we had the store open for 3 weeks! So, we learned to have backups for that type of thing.

We worked with the world-renowned environmental designer, Michael Downs (NFL, Olympics, NBC, MTV, etc) to design the pop-up store experience. The exhibit contained living garden walls, a gallery of faces from around the city, a map of our city painted on the floor, and a 40ft long hand-drawn mural for coloring.

Liz Hunt

She has a penchant for spicy Thai and bad sci-fi (“Dr. Who” anyone?). But what makes Liz the “Boss Lady” of DayCloud Studios isn’t her love of the off-beat; it’s her absolute “can do” attitude, creative juju, insight on client needs, and kindness to all she meets.

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