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Love Can't Be Voted

Love Can't Be Voted

Tiberiu David
October 7, 2018
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On the 6th and 7th of October 2018, Romania will hold a referendum on changes to the constitution that could effectively permanently ban gay marriage. Rainbow families, diverse family groups, loving families living in Romania right now are all threatened by this proposal.

So we were approached by a local LGBT NGO asking for our help to create a visually comprehensive campaign that inform people regarding the government abuses and boycott the referendum. Our task was to create a brand identity style for the entire campaign.

The main idea behind the logo came up after doing a proper brand strategy and finding the most relevant keywords for this project.

Based on the theory of Biederman's geons, a human recognizes complex objects as a group of simple geometries. That being said, for our base shapes I chose a triangle and two circles for the logo construction to achieve a friendly yet expressive heart shape.

I started with some sketches on plain paper first, so no software was used at the beginning. After finishing the sketching phase, I've converted all my logo variations I did on paper to digital. For the branding and other additional collaterals I've used only adobe illustrator, and for the project presentation, I used a mixture of adobe illustrator with photoshop for the final results.

I mostly receive very positive comments on this project and people reacted well. Since that's a political subject and it is super debatable, there is a small group of people who wouldn't agree with me, but in a personal (and not professional) way because their beliefs were different than mine and they can't accept the gay marriage.

You can find the full project on Behance at:

Tiberiu David

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