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Emily López
July 5, 2018
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Illustration i made to join the Pride day, and let everyone know that Love is Love. We're all one, so we must support each other.
It doesn't matter what you like, just be happy, and we must love each other without paying attention to
what others say or if is not the same taste.

Because my real good friends still fighting for their rights, and I'm with them. So I made this illustration just to honor this "fight". I create this illustration to let people know how I want to just love each other without paying attention to sex, color, form, religion.

Adobe Photoshop, I always start with a sketch, then I star to think in color palette, and then i star to make lines an color fills.
After that I make some layers to begin with a simple motion, and then i make to versions of stories and post.

They like it, because all of us want to be part of this movement, to just love each other with out thinking in sex, color or form.
Everyday I learn in how to love everyone and never judge. My friends love it, even my family who are a little conservative, but they think
that love is not a rule or something that some one force you to feel. They know, as me, that love is just love.

Just LOVE ?

Emily López

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