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Love Somerset by Phil Demir

Love Somerset by Phil Demir

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July 17, 2015
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The design is a concept for an interactive map and app that work together to reflect the diversity and culture of the county of Somerset. They can allow visitors to explore Somerset in a fresh and innovative fashion. When the app is opened the user can open their smartphone’s camera, which when pointed toward the map opens interactive 3D icons in the form of augmented reality. When these are selected, it allows the user to access more detailed information on what they have chosen to view. All of this runs within a colourful brand with plenty of illustrations that can appeal to a wide target audience.
-Phil Demir




Designing the logo was the first hurdle – it needed to capture the culture of Somerset in a simplified form. Next I gathered research in the form of local photography and existing tourism brands. The photographs were used as a guide for my illustrations and inspired my colour palette. The existing brands gave me a good idea of what worked well and what to avoid in the current market.
-Phil Demir




Since last year I began to explore more of my local area of Somerset with my brother. Along the way I have captured gorgeous photography, tasted incredible food and met some really interesting people. Fueled by my fantastic experiences in Somerset, I was eager to share what could be found here to other potential visitors. Be confident, just continue working on what you are best at and what you enjoy most – while your work becomes even better, over time it also opens up new opportunities and will allow you to branch out into new things.
-Phil Demir



About Phil Demir

Phil Demir is a Graphic Designer based near Bristol and currently studying at Bath Spa University, with a deeply-rooted focus on illustration and branding. He maintains a balance between traditional and digital rendering in his outcomes and enjoys experimenting in both disciplines. His influences include contemporary design, listening to music, and the many weird and wonderful things he discovers on his travels. You can see more of his work at Behance.

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