Lovely Couple

This was a commission that I did for a couple for their anniversary. The person who commissioned me told me about their sweet relationship, and I wanted to make a drawing something that can closely reflect their relationship. The small illustrations in the frames are the stories that keep their relationship sweet and memorable.

I wanted to make the illustration looks cheerful as based on their sweet relationship. The commissioner provided me a lot of their daily fun stories, and I wanted to put them all into an illustration. This is how the frames idea comes up, to show memories of their relationship and how deeply they are connected.

I worked with Adobe Photoshop. I started with sketches for every small illustrations that you can find in the frames, how to make it more appealing by the gesture of the characters. I tended to put the couple as the main, so will be catchy for the audiences’ eyes.

The couple loves this!!! I didn’t really expecting responds from other people, as the couple’s reaction are most important and purest. This illustration became one of my favorite projects of all time because of this! I have always believed in true love, so I’ve been wanting to make others happy with my art in this way.

Believe in True Love!!

Wendy Tan

Illustrator | Concept Artist | Visual Development Artist | Story Artist
Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Draw every day 🙂