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Luciel and Ariel - Exiled From Heaven

Luciel and Ariel - Exiled From Heaven

Fabiana Ramirez
August 9, 2017
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Luciel and Ariel, they are angels who wanted to be seraphims, but now they are fallen angels in the planet Ananda who now have to be cupids to be able to go back to heaven. And Illumix, a lonely demon who want to carry Luciel to hell.

Luciel and Ariel being angels, are connected with spirituality, that is why they have violet hair, which represents spirituality, Ariel with a lighter tone to demonstrate its transparency and closer proximity to purity compared to Luciel, both of this angels have a Half of heart on them clothes, The union of the halves make one heart it mean they are soulmates, and they are happy togethers.

But Lumix have more violents colors like black hair, representing the hopeless on his soul, he is sad and want stop existing.

First i drew it in my paper sketchbook, then i scan it to my computer for put the ink it in Manga Studio (the line art), with the line art done i bring it to photoshop to colorize the illustration.

Actually this Illustration Is a thank you to all the people who follow and read my comic on facebook and other social media, People who give me support, encouragement and affection to continue the project, people who gime draws about my characters showing their love to the comic.

Ariel, Luciel and Illumix are characters from my comic "Exiled From Heaven" you can find it on

Fabiana Ramirez

Hi! I'm Fabiana Ramírez, I studied Visual Communication.
I love to illustrate and make comics books, actually i post a webcomic called "Exiled From Heaven" you can read it in

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