Lullo Gelato

Lullo Gelato is an ice cream shop from Belo Horizonte, Brazil and one of the firsts in the city to introduce the Italian gelato concept into the market. As a new product the brand had to evidence that what they were offering was way more than a regular icem cream. Lullo wanted customers to realize that their merchandise brought the full experience of having an original handmade Italian gelato, from product to service. In this scenario the design process that backed the branding project played a key role. The identity created was composed by elements that directly referred to Italian design and supported Lullo on disseminating gelato culture.

A market research indicated that almost 90% of gelato customers are women. This data was important to reinforce an idea that Lullo identity had to be not only structured by an Italian based design language but also smooth and delicate. Colors, typefaces and graphic elements were put together to please most women’s taste as they were identified as biggest influencers when it comes to gelato consumption. From stationary to packaging, every single detail of the identity created was planned to give the brand Lullo a touch of lightness.

The design process behind the identity created for Lullo started with a market survey made with hundreds of random people. Such research provided important data like customers age, habits and preferences related to ice cream. All material collected was critically analyzed and compared to information from brands that were present on the benchmarking research. The insights that pop out from the process guided the choice of the aesthetic language that was applied to the project. Logo design started with hand-drawn sketches that were vectorized and refined using Adobe Illustrator. Stationary and packaging were designed on both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and assembled on Adobe InDesign for printing prototypes and exporting final PDF files.

For most customers the new identity was the trigger to realize that they were about to experience a gap between gelato and regular ice cream. Brand items came along to add value to the service offered and helped clientele seeing Lullo as a more delicate, elaborate product. Cases like this are important to show both clients and designers how great goals can be achieved when parts are committed to trace and follow a design process.

Tiago Matte

My name is Tiago, I am a twenty-four-year-old Graphic Designer from Chapecó SC originally. Six years ago I moved to Belo Horizonte MG and I am living here until now. I graduated in Graphic Design at Centro Universitário Una and and postgraduation in Strategic Marketing at PUC Minas. I am also keen on cinema, illustration, travelling, as well as fashion and different cultures.