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Wellington Lima
July 30, 2022
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A project focused on creating a one-of-a-kind house with personality, integration, and excellent use of space.
As the name implies, the house will make excellent use of natural light while also providing a spectacle of artificial lighting.
There are three bedrooms and an integrated living room with excellent space utilization.

During the design process, I try to modulate a house based on the client's profile. The LUNA project was conceived for a family whose main pillar is the union, whether it is family or friends, and as a result, the gourmet welcomes those who will enjoy moments of leisure and joy with the hosts; following this line of thought, we integrated the living room with the balcony and kitchen, and sought to prioritize the privacy of the couple/family, leaving the intimate area reserved at the back of the land.

The wooden ceiling, for example, has the ability to soothe the senses while also improving the acoustics of the environment. Its rustic appearance, while retaining the ability to welcome, already contributes to the decoration of the environment, while also bringing the sensitivity of collection and reception.

The project was all developed on the BIM platform, with the REVIT tool, in this way we can make all other projects (structural, hydraulic and electrical) compatible in order to optimize the entire construction process.

The visualization is created using 3DS MAX and Corona to provide the highest level of realism to our images and to allow our customers to immerse themselves in their new environment. After all, every detail matters.

The creation begins with the formatting of the property's volume (here we strive to understand how we may relate the shapes to the sensations that we want to bring to the space), then we proceed to the size and layout environments so that they are very well used in the family's daily life. Finally, we bring the external and internal areas to life through the selection of materials, furniture, and landscaping.

LUNA astounded the public because he is daring and irreverent in comparison to other works in our city. We already have a high demand, which makes us extremely delighted!

Each new project teaches us something new, and this one was no exception. I spent a lot of time thinking about what experiences I wanted to deliver there and how I might bring them to the family... I feel I got good references, and I'm sure LUNA will tell me many joyful stories.

Studio LIMA is a Brazilian studio that specializes on modern projects focused on design, routine, and user experience.
Live this experience!

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Wellington Lima

After a few years of working in the design field and learning from notable architects. Wellington Lima established the studio LIMA by combining several techniques and developing a distinct working method.
Authorial projects with a contemporary and minimalist aesthetic that rely on the participation of those involved in their development. These are the foundations of our method.

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