Lürzer’s Archive Cover. Child Abuse. DIF Zapopan by El Madruga Luis Enriquez Ramirez

Sad to say, Child Abuse is happening around the world. This visual campaign from our featured artist will definitely blow your mind. Not for the fainthearted. Read on and help send across this powerful message!

The client is DIF (Sistema para Desarrollo Integral de la Familia.

– El Madruga Luis Enriquez Ramirez


The brief was simple, find an idea that has the power to stop people on their tracks and draws attention to a terrible problem: Child abuse.

This campaign was created around 5 months between the shoot and the great work of retouching.

– El Madruga Luis Enriquez Ramirez


Most ads in the category choose to use children as victims. We wanted to find a fresh way to convey the message. We thought nobody was doing something to solve the problem and then talked about evolution taking care of it eventually. That was how the visual was born. It was a collaborative project with the photographer, Ale Burset. He has an amazing mind and has worked with Publicis, over and over again, helping us bring to life very powerful visuals.

– El Madruga Luis Enriquez Ramirez



Basically a great photographer and Photoshop ha! Favorite quote or advise to aspiring artists. Art Design is intelligence made visible.

— El Madruga Luis Enriquez Ramirez


El Madruga Luis Enriquez Ramirez throughout his career has amassed several Lions in Cannes, the first graphite pencil in D&AD to Mexico, One Show, Good Report, London International, FIAP, Wave Festival and El Ojo de Iberoamerica as in the Mexican competition Advertising Creativity “Creative Circle” which has also achieved several awards. He won two consecutive years “Agency of the Year” with Publicis Mexico in Creative Circle Mexico in 2013 and 2014 .

See more of his amazing artworks on Behance and his Website.