Luxurious. Urban. Art Deco.

Delux is a luxurious vaping line, produced by Vastello. Target Public: Millennials, and young people that like to follow trends and don’t mind spending more money with what they like. Urban and social people. With all that in mind, I created an Art Deco inspired package design, to create a striking product that would stand out.

The client wanted his brand to be about exclusivity, appealing to a youthful, and hip street style, with some modern elegance. The chosen key words were: – Dark, Urban, Elegant, Upscale, Minimal, Slightly Gothic. I gave it some thought and realized what he needed: Art Deco.

Adobe Illustrator. Font: Metropolis. I researched Art Deco patterns and drew my designs inspired by my research in Illustrator. A UV Spot special print (glossy black on black) was used to emphasize luxury and give it a mysterious feeling. The boxes have a “tiny city” printed on golden foil, that look “alive” when you move the box. They have different buildings on different boxes to inspire the customers to collect them all, and “build” their own city.

They were absolutely happy and engaged! Vaping fans posted pictures on social media with very inspiring messages. I learned a lot about the vaping industry and community. It was very interesting to dive into their culture and conduct research about their world.

The best way to help clients is taking the time to hear them, and put yourself in their shoes. Honesty, and empathy, are the best tools when you listen to your clients needs. Don’t be so ready to sell, just focus on solving their problems, because sometimes what the client asks for is not the best solution. Don’t push the sale, and focus on providing designs based around the client’s needs, and you will win his trust.

Simone Bessa