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Arsalan ghadimi
March 8, 2018
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The luxy is a stack able dining chair designed for use in home and contract environments. It is constructed of a solid, steel wire frame that supports a stitched, reinforced leather seat and back sling. The slings flex to provide a comfortable, supportive seat that adjusts to the user. The chair features an integral handle at the back for easy mobility, and stacks efficiently with the addition of custom molded foam pads under the seat to prevent rubbing wear.
This chair is stackable and can be easily moved with the integral handle at the top of the back.

The top grain leather sling seat and back are reinforced by a secondary layer of fabric chosen to reduce the stretching and lengthen the life of the leather.legs made of stainless steel.The research that went into this design was born of experience in the seating market and understanding and capitalizing on the capabilities of the manufacturer. Knowing the market and the customer determined stylistically where the design needed to excel - bridging the gap between the home space, work space and hospitality environments at an accessible price point. The capabilities of the manufacturer and their talent at working with formed wire also informed the design's development.

I started with a base observation and then tried to find ideas using sketches. Later on after refinement I started to build a 3D in solidworks and rendering in keyshot and editing to photoshop.luxy has been designed in 2017. The project was completed in may 2017 in Tehran.

I hope to see it in the future because it has not yet been publicly displayed.but to first share project in little space send good comment to my design.As simple as it looks, the chair is a real technical challenge in its making. The main difficulty was to find the perfect blend between elegance and robustness.

arsalan ghadimi

Born 1989 Tehran, Iran. I have a degree in Software Engineering, BS in Industrial Design.

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