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Ma Cherie

Ma Cherie

Sarah Rimadiana
October 25, 2016
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Ma Cherie is classy milk cafe for your daily boost. It's Small Milk Corner that produce dozen variants of milk, from raw to sweet creamy milk. They serve dozen kind of food that made from milk, like silky pudding, ice cream, etc. I think Ma Cherie is such a great place to start or even end your busy day. At first the client tell me about the idea, what they want, and give me the menu, and then I developed their feelings and goal into a full package branding concept, Ma Cherie.

Inspired by the look and benefit a cup of milk, since the brief is to develop cafe concept for dairy products, I think a cup of milk is perfect muse for developing the design, a cup milk can be super creamy, tasty, and sweet that perfect to brighten your day. I use pastels color to visualize the sweet and creamy look, and moo silhouette with cherie on her neck to give sweet and chic impression.

I do some ideation sketch for the logo and then develop the alternative using Adobe Illustrator, it's great using illustrator for high quality logo. For the finishing touch, I edit and arrange the preview layout on Adobe Photoshop, it's easier to edit the shading, lighting using photoshop.

I got very good response, since it's my very first developing food branding from scratch. It's such a great experience, I do learn a lot about branding development through this project, choosing the right theme to create perfect harmony is pretty something. I love to imagine how people feel about the design, so i tried developing some alternatives and imagine how people think. And, i like to discuss and talk with normal people (not designer) about the idea, so I'll know better about what they think, feel, and need. That's really help me to create good design for the people.

For great presentation, we can download mock up and edit them so the mock up gonna fit with our design goal.

Sarah Rimadiana

Sarah is a industrial design graduate, she likes spend her time do, watch, and appreciate design. As a designer she believes that she should help people be better. She's into branding, developing daily product, UI/UX, and doodle things. Designing things that makes people happy is her super goal.
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