MAGDALENE is a first part of a bigger project developed around the concept of a knitwear girl ?.
We’ve met with Magdalena for the first time to do some model test shoots.
I wanted to see how colors play with Magda’s beauty. I wanted to put her modeling credentials to a test. Get to know her feacial expression. And here we are.

There are those girls out there who just love those big knitted sweaters that always make you feel comfortable.
And, of course, it’s all about color too – so for the tests we chose a calm and independent style.
As Magdalene ?
Magdalene or Magdalena Łyczywek studies at the Academy of Music in Gdańsk, loves and cultivates every art form of music, fine arts & theater. She he treats modeling as a form of acting, which is important to the story that is hidden in a model’s face. That’s why I like to work with her.

Nikon D810 with lens Nikkor 24-70 mm F 2,8G.
Postprocessing : Adobe Photoshop.

It begins with the inspiration, someone may call it vein. Then I am looking for a model, and if I find with the right type of beauty and skills for my concept than I start with the preparations for the production of the photoshoot.

I’ve learned to always pay attention to the shadows – if the light is sharp, the shadows are very clear – so a model must have perfect skin – otherwise it would take forever to do a retouch.
The photos were unexpectadly well received.

If anyone is curious about the final outcome of this project, please follow me on my fanpage :
You have no idea how happy a positive reaction towards my works make me.
It’s very encouraging when we are appreciated ?

Ewa Szabłowska

Born in 1981 ( old as hell… )
Professional photographer and retoucher specializing in fashion photography.
Passionate lover everything about Japan.
Eternally torn between prosaism and sublime.
Now based in Gdańsk, Poland.
Her works distinguish her by her delicate and feminine touch mixed with a strong sense of characters of the people she’s portraying.
Bookworm full of enthusiasm and passion to create.