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Idona asamoah
January 13, 2018
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the idea was short in home studio, How i used the Christmas day to create a magical portrait with my room mate by shooting with Nikon Sb700 flash light and Sun reflector. Am a photographer i shoot sometimes in the studio but most the time at home i like to shoot with my nikon flash light just to master my ideas of lighting and also to get use of my tools. i keep learning and challenge myself by bringing my imagination to life with the available tools.

it Was just christmas and am photography sick so any minutes that i got the picture on my mind i have to quickly do shoot it if not there will be no good mood of the day. i chose what this there at that moment to complete my inspiration so i randomly use things available to discover what i want.

I use Bed spread for the background or the backdrop Nikon D7100 camera , Nikon Sb700 flash light and Sun bouncer to shoot and post production i used lightroom and photoshop to finalize the work.
i just call my room mate and i ask him to play around because the main idea is about getting the right light i had in my heard.

The responses are very great, incredible response even some people think is a oil painting, other responds is about the light and others also talk about the background.
i have learn a lot and am glade always i have new things to learn.

My works are my heart they something i do for myself to put me on right shape.

idona asamoah

Born in Brong Ahafo, Ghana
Lives & works in Hamburg Germany

He is living since 2014 in Germany , Studying Communication Design and Art Directing in Hamburg as He still fighting for his migration. He expresses his senses of creativity in Art by Photography. He specialize in Beauty, Fashion, Wedding and Portraits Photography, styling and latest fashion trends with his personal conceptual with a twisted sense of humour. Most people don't understand why he does everything but he means, if he would have been a painter he would have painted everything that inspires him. Automatically the world serves him as a studio because the biggest place for creativity is outside. You just killed it is his everyday quote.
(if you´ve ever wondered where your dreams come from you look around that's where they are made).

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