A Magical Story by Fruzsina Pittner

Fruzsina Pittner’s “magical story” is a very short style test for a comic she plan on starting about this time next year. It focuses on world building and atmosphere creation, trying to ‘catch’ the feel of the story and the environment in a way that allows me to experiment with different painting methods, while having a lot of fun roaming around the sidelines of her universe.

Storytelling is something I have always been interested in, something I always wanted to do. I have this massive fantasy world built I have been thinking about and working on for a long time, gradually building it up from bottom to the top – this short comic is a snippet, a sneak peek for myself and my audience, an experiment to see what I can accomplish and what kind of response I evoke in the readers.

I chose digital art because it allows me to block out and create panels and illustrations really fast. With using already existing artwork, cutting and blending and painting new things is easy, fast and satisfying – when it all comes together in post-processing and the image starts to live, that’s probably my favorite part doing art.

– Fruzsina Pittner

All of my artwork is created in Photoshop CC, starting with a rough sketch I edit constantly until I get the right composition and perspective, until I can sort of see if the piece is going to tell everything I want it to tell. After that, I choose a base color which sets the mood of the painting – soft yellows and greens in this case – and start blocking out the objects and people to get the right values. Then I start rendering until I’m satisfied with the amount of detail the piece has. I frequently use already existing paintings to add texture and details to the pages.

After that comes the best part – lighting and color. Lighting is always an experiment – I never really know what will come out in the end, until I see it. The last thing going on a page is the text bubbles. They are calculated in in the composition stage, but I like painting the pages first without them to see if they function well without explanation or dialogue too.

– Fruzsina Pittner

The project has certainly been a learning curve for me, especially of my own endurance and my ability to hold the same style through continuous weekly updates. The response I got was well worth the effort, my audience is intrigued and curious, not only for this story, but the big one that will follow next summer.

– Fruzsina Pittner

About Fruzsina Pittner

Fruzsina Pittner is a 21 year old Hungarian computer arts student based in Scotland. Her main focus is game development – being a game artist, she and her teams received several local and national awards for multiple projects. Her aim is to become a visual designer, interested in environment art, architecture, world building and the likes.